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    With the ability to combine external heat sources and with built in efficiency our system is one of the most flexible on the market, and when combined with Solar you could get energy for FREE and mains pressure hot water and heating for less. Are you looking for an Electric Boiler or a Solar System?

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    Are you a Social Housing Provider or a Private Landlord?

    Ecological Heating solutions for your Housing. Whether you are a Local Authority, a Property Developer, Housing Association or large portfolio landlord our Combi electric boilers can save you and your tenants a great deal.

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Social Housing Provider / Private Landlord

When you can’t use Gas our boilers are the most cost effective on the market with reduced maintenance and running costs. No need for Gas Safety certificates or Flue inspections and when linked with solar store free energy to reduce heating and hot water costs further. Our boilers are also cleaner and more efficient than Oil, LPG and electric storage heaters.


Our boilers provide mains pressure hot water faster than Gas Combi equivalents and are 100% energy efficient unlike Gas. When combined with Solar they can give FREE heating and hot water while lowering your carbon footprint. They’re also a lot less expensive to run than you might think. Click here to save money and get rid of nasty fumes.

Installers / Housing Developer

Our Combi Electric Boilers are easier to install than most other boilers, gas or electric, there’s no need to be Gas Safe registered as there’s no gas line and no condensate. It’s also a perfect solution when you have issues with gas boiler flues. Eliminate the need for a landlords safety check every year. Help save your customers / tenant's money and the environment. Click here for Technical Overviews, Installation Guides and off peak control settings.

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High Efficiency Electric Combi Boilers with unique renewable energy options utilising cheaper off peak electricity tariffs and combining with solar thermal/wood burning systems to provide central heating and hot water with lower running costs in a single environmentally friendly package. Leading the way in reducing fuel poverty by storing today’s low cost energy for tomorrow’s use.

Mr A Richards

/ Glasgow

“We find our Thermaflow heating system simple to use. The room temperatures are so very easy to control and the constant hot water is a delight. It switches automatically to off peak electricity so we don’t have to worry about missing out on cheaper bills. It is quiet and provides mains pressure hot water when we need it.”